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 UX specialists 
who know what you need

Recruitment of internal UX resources

Where do you find top skillsets for your team? If you're looking for an internal UX resource, we know how to help. 


Start-up fee

7,500 DKK (one time fee per company)



5000 DKK for each profile that we send to you. We will vet and screen the candidate, and guarantee that the profile matches the job description and company profile. 


1000 DKK per hour, excluding time for transportation. We will help you prepare the job interview(s), and one of us will take part in the actual meeting(s). After the interview, we will stay on to discuss the meeting with you and take notes about our discussion. The notes will be sent to you after the meeting.


If you employ one of "our" candidates, we receive an additional fee that corresponds to 20% of the annual salary you have agreed on with the candidate. We do not take responsibility for the length of the candidate's employment with you.

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